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Our puppies are born in the bedroom then moved to the family room at 4 weeks of age. Here they are exposed to the daily routine of a loud busy household with the TV on. Each puppy is handled throughout the day and is well socialized with men, women, children and other dogs. Pups DO NOT leave our home BEFORE 8 weeks of age until they are well started in outdoor potty training (this makes things easier for you), crate trained (so you can sleep thru the night too) and multiple car rides (to get them used to the motion of the car to help with car sickness).

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Our puppies will be

*Dewormed Multiple times
*Microchipped and registered with a world wide lost and found organization

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Each will leave our home with a puppy package complete with

  • *Training Booklet & Information Binder
  • *6 lb. bag of PRO PLAN puppy food
  • *Samples of NuVet Vitamin & Joint Supplements
  • *Toys, blanket and a snuffle mat hand made by us with our home and Moms scent
  • *Written Contract with health guarantee

Drewsar PWD puppies

Raising babies is our passion NOT our business so each breeding is done with careful consideration to crossing the best possible bloodlines to produce healthy, happy well structured pups. All puppies are sold as companions only with a spay/neuter agreement and CKC registered.

Drewsar PWD puppies   Drewsar PWD puppies

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