How did you hear about us?

When are you looking to bring home a puppy?

What breed of dog are you looking for?

Have you every owned a PWD or Lagotto before?

Are you a first time dog owner?

Why have you decided to purchase a PWD or Lagotto?

Have your researched this breed?

What preference are you looking for?

Do you have a colour preference? If so please list below?

Do any family members have any type of allergies to dogs?

Do you live in a?

If you have a yard is it completely fenced with secure fencing?

If you rent does your rental agreement allow you to keep dogs?

Are you familiar with the animal bylaw regulations in your area?

Please explain how you will meet exercise (mental and physical) and socialization needs for the puppy?

Do you currently own any other pets?

Do you have children in the home?

If you have children at home please list their ages?

Would someone be at home with the puppy during the day?

Please explain how long your puppy will be alone during the day?

Are you willing to crate train your puppy?

Are you willing to take your puppy to formal dog training classes?

Are you prepared to assume the financial responsibility of caring for an animal, including but not limited to veteriarian care, good quality food, licensing, etc

If you have contacted another breeder and are on their waiting list please let us know. It is ok to be honest!
If you do not answer this question your application will not be considered.