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The Lagotto is made to work. They are very loyal and loving, making them the perfect family companion. Some are easy to train, and many get along with other animals quite easily if they're socialized as puppies. Lagotto vary in their need for exercise, but should always be given stimulation to keep their intelligent brains occupied.

In modern times, the Lagotto has been bred primarily as a truffle-searching dog, and not as a retriever or hunting dog. Their highly developed nose makes them excellent search dogs. Some Lagotto are excellent swimmers, but some will only paddle. Some will retrieve from lakes, streams and other bodies of water without hesitation.

Not all Lagotto are suitable as family companions, and puppies for families with small children need to be carefully chosen. They can make excellent domestic companions provided they have sufficient exercise and socialization. They love to dig; many owners give them a sandbox, or have a designated place to allow them satisfy their digging urges. They also love to play seeking-games and have very active minds.

Drewsar Lagotto Info Drewsar Lagotto Info Drewsar Lagotto Info

There are conflicting ideas on how to groom this breed. Some say they should be brushed regularly
and others believe their coat should be allowed to grow naturally into a big fluff. The coat will get matted easily and the mats should be carefully pulled apart without tearing the coat. Some coats
matt more easily than others.They must be cut down at least once every year. If the coat is kept trimmed to approximately 1? inches all over the body and slightly longer on the head, it will be easier to maintain and look neat.

Hair on the ears should be trimmed around the edges to the leather. If the ear shows irritation and buildup of dirt and earwax, the hairs from the ear canal should be gently plucked out regularly.

Left unattended, Lagotto hair will grow to cover the eyes and so the hair around their eyes should be periodically clipped to ensure that they can see.

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